Club Jump is happy to receive your calls or e-mails, and answer any questions you may have. Perhaps you’ll find the answer right here in our F.A.Q.

Are parents allowed to watch while their children are attending classes?
Yes, we have a large parent viewing area and a children’s play section.

Are your programs refundable?
Unfortunately once the session has begun there are no refunds due to the short length of our sessions. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Do I have to stay to watch my child?
No, as long as your child is in class you are more than welcome to go spend some time for yourself!

Should my child attend if he or she is sick?
No, please do not send your child if they are sick.

My child missed a class, does Club Jump Inc do make-up classes?
No, we don’t hold make-up classes.

How many students are there per instructor?
Class ratios are between 1:4 & 1:7 depending on the age group of class.

Do you welcome children with special needs?
Yes, please email or call the office for more information.

Can I bring a sibling along to a Baby Jump (Parent & child) class?
No, if the child is not registered in a Club Jump Inc. class they cannot follow along in the gym.

What should my child wear?
Stretchy and comfortable, but not overly loose clothing is best. Your child does not need a special leotard for class. All skirts and dresses as well as pants with zippers/buttons should be avoided. We ask that longer hair be tied back. We do have gym suits for sale, please ask a staff member if interested. Please have your child bring a water bottle with them to each class.

What happens in the event of an accident?
The necessary first aid is immediately administered; medical support is called if required. Parents are notified as soon as possible. Our staff have the required training and standard first aid.