Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request for those who need a little extra help. Private lessons are 30 minutes in length and will run the same number of week as our regular class session run. Please email Julie at for more information and available times and costs.

Group Dry Land Conditioning for Teams

Our youth dry land program is sport specific and will be customized for sport, age and gender of the team. The focus for the dry land training is always about improving the 5 S’s: speed, strength, stamina, stretching & stability. What truly sets our dry land program apart from other programs is our fitness based team building exercises at the end of each class. Give your young athlete and team an edge over the competition with these engaging, beneficial and challenging classes.

The Club Jump dry-land group training program is designed for youth sport teams ages 6 and up.  Our teams typically fall into one of two groups, those who want a fun one time introduction to dry-land training and to learn some sport specific exercises to take home and those who want to take their players to the next level with weekly training and team building.  Train during your season or in the off season to gain the extra edge.

Field Trips

Do your students like to run, jump, climb and challenge themselves physically? Then come to Club Jump for a unique field trip!

Benefits of A Club Jump Field Trip:

  • 2 out of 3 children are considered inactive!
  • On average children spend over 7 hours a day in front of a screen!
  • Research shows that children who are physically active perform better academically, have less stress and anxiety, have better attendance, improved behavior & can recall more information.
  • Teachers will be able to learn new ideas to incorporate into their physical education classes.
  • Students will have a chance to challenge themselves physically in a safe environment.
  • Students will develop body awareness, increased flexibility, muscular coordination, cardiovascular endurance and increased self-esteem.

Our unique and customizable field trips are age appropriate and allow children to build    self-confidence, learn new skills and improve their physical fitness.

We offer a non-competitive and friendly environment where the students can challenge themselves physically.

This is a great way to start out the year or to finish it. This opportunity encourages teamwork and builds and      fosters relationships.

Bring your class to Club Jump for a fun and healthy field trip! Pricing starts at $10+HST per student. Please contact us for details.

Field trips will start with a warm up and stretch and then move into circuits.  Circuits consist of fundamental fitness and gymnastics with body weight interval training.  Students will have a chance to use equipment such as bars, beams, rings, ropes, and parts of the ninja warrior training course. Field trips can be customized for age and duration.

Each student will need to have a waiver signed in advance and bring with them a water bottle, comfortable clothes and bare feet.